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Organization and Management

LMK FKUI is a clinical microbiology laboratory that provides services including finding the etiology of infectious diseases, determining appropriate drugs, immunology for infectious diseases, and serving clinical consultations to optimize patient management through laboratory services. In the prevention and control of health care-related infections (Healthcare Associated Infections/HAIs), also known as nosocomial infections, LMK FKUI can play a role in determining hospital policies, such as determining policies on antimicrobial use, patient isolation procedures, sterilization, disinfection, and so on. The activities of LMK FKUI are also an integral part of health screening and preventive measures for infectious diseases in Indonesia.

Services at LMK FKUI are inspired by the high number of infectious diseases in Indonesia. Infectious diseases can be managed properly if the cause of infection can be identified accurately and the choice of antibiotics that can be used is explained according to the patient's condition. The results of our examinations do not come directly from the machine, but are reviewed by experts and given expertise by clinical microbiology consultants, so that the results received by service users can be directly applied as needed.

The development of the LMK FKUI is still going on. Various accreditations were carried out to ensure the credibility of the results given by LMK FKUI. Experiences of teaching staff of the Department of Microbiology FKUI, such as conducting various researches in the field of infectious diseases independently or through collaboration with various national and international agencies , participating in various local and abroad trainings , as well as the appointment of LMK FKUI by WHO as a reference laboratory for several infectious diseases, is the basis for the establishment of LMK FKUI. The existence of the FKUI LMK in the center of Jakarta has received a very good response from clinicians, the community, the government and stakeholders; therefore the LMK FKUI is more active in providing accurate and reliable services. Quality and patient safety is a priority for LMK FKUI.

In the organizational structure, LMK FKUI is led by the Head of UKK Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, which is equivalent to the Head of the laboratory. In carrying out the duties, the Head of the LMK FKUI coordinates with the Head of Microbiology Department FKUI and is supported by the Expert Team. Furthermore, in carrying out UKK LMK FKUI’s activities, the Head is assisted by 2 vice chairs, namely Vice Chair-1 who will oversee activities related to data management, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, as Coordinator of Laboratory Services, Training and Research, Business development, Marketing and Promotion. Meanwhile, Vice Chair-2, oversees activities related to Administration and Human Resources, Finance and Logistics, Legal Facilities and Collaboration. The Head, Vice Chair 1 and Vice Chair 2 of LMK FKUI are appointed by the Dean of FKUI. Meanwhile, the Quality, Biosafety, Biosecurity and K3L Managers are appointed by the Head of LMK FKUI.

Each examination laboratory in LMK FKUI is led by a technical manager as the Person in Charge of the laboratory (PIC), which is someone who has a competency with expertise in the associated field with a minimum education of a master's degree in Microbiology. LMK FKUI has 5 technical managers namely, PIC Laboratory of Bacteriology, Environment & Industry, Serology; PIC Mycology Laboratory; PIC Tuberculosis Laboratory; PIC Laboratory of Virology and Microbiology; PIC Media Production and Microbial Stocks. The PIC of the laboratory is appointed by the Head of LMK FKUI.

Entity Legal Status

LMK FKUI is a Special Working Unit for Community Services and Dedication under the Directorate of Management and Development of Business Units in the Universitas Indonesia, based on the Decree of Rector Universitas Indonesia No. 633/SK/R/UI/2019. Meanwhile, the operating license for LMK FKUI is based on the Decree of the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia.

Location Address

Jl. Pegangsaan Timur no. 16, Cikini
Jakarta Pusat, 10320

Phone : (021) 3160941-2, 31922850, 3100806
email: lmk.fkui.rscm[at]

Service Hours (Non Covid)

08.00 to 18.00

08.00 to 12.00

Service Hours (Covid)

08.00 to 14.00

08.00 to 12.00

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